Thursday, June 20, 2013

pet snuggle

I'm still working on the two slow-road projects, but *chuckle* started another one. I'm happy to say I also finished that new one. It's a pet snuggle made with leftover chunky balls of yarn and a J hook. There is no pattern to it. I just grabbed yarn from the bag and went to it. There was a good bit of Lion Brand Jiffy. You can see that in the red, orange and grape colors. The blue is double strand of Red Heart Soft. The edging yarn was donated by daughter.

Finished size is 16" x 17". I plan to check with our local animal shelter and see if they can use this type of item. If so, I'll tackle those leftover balls and make more. Yes, I still have LOTS of leftover balls.

I also have a few cross-stitch squares in pink. I may be able to get another afghan out of them with some creative thinking. :-) We'll see how that goes.

Happy crocheting!

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