Friday, June 21, 2013

angel wing pinafore

Can we say procrastinate? To put off working on the slow road projects, I decided to start a baby dress.

Here is the result. I started and finished this today except for adding a flower and buttons. The pattern is the Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore at Bev's Country Cottage which I've used before.

In reading the comments at Ravelry I noted that some folks have worked this in the round rather than having an open back. I'd like to try that but I'm also wary that it might make it harder to get on and off a wiggly baby so I'm not sure if I will do that or not.

This little pinafore was made with some sport weight peach acrylic yarn that did not have a label.

I AM still working on the pergola scarf. I've got nine or ten repeats of 17 completed. Then of course I need to do the back which won't take nearly as long as it's straight stitches. The back, however, requires more rows which I don't understand. Hmmm.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I like this pattern too - so easy and cute. Love the colour you've used. xox

    1. I love peach and don't have opportunity to use it often.