Sunday, June 30, 2013

pergola and snuggles

Pergola. Finis!

Finished size is about 5" x 61"

Both front and back were made with the Big Value yarn, which is a very thin yarn. I'm not sure how much I used, but I know I finished a skein and started another.

The pattern is the Pergola scarf at Knit Picks.

Also finished is another pet snuggle. The first one I made went to our local animal shelter. This one will also be headed that way once I make a few more. They seemed happy to receive it.

The size is 17" x 16". I used one strand dark blue worsted and one strand light blue fingering yarns. I chained 46 for this one.

I also finished some pink and white cross-stitch squares. I had a few pink already made, made a few more pink and some white. These will eventually be a baby afghan but I may need to make more squares first.

Happy crocheting!

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