Saturday, July 6, 2013

Red Heart Soft snuggle

Next snuggle up ... 

This one was made with Red Heart Soft leftovers. The foundation chain is 51. Finished size is about 15" square. I worked 2 rows of each color, carrying them up as long as possible.

Because each yarn reacts differently, it's difficult to get the same size finished product even using the same hook and worsted yarn each time. I've used an H hook for most of these. 

I also have a problem keeping an even tension with RHS for some reason. It's a different texture, a little thinner than many other worsteds, softer and shinier as well. The problem I have is not the yarn's fault. It's a nice yarn. I just need to concentrate of my tension when working it.

I had enough of the grape color to use it throughout, alternating it with the wine and grey.  I think it actually makes a nice visual and I think the animals will find it soft and comfy.

Happy crocheting!

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