Thursday, November 29, 2012


I was recently talking about hats for a Louisiana troop unit. The hats have been delivered to Donna for the soldier care packages. There were 57. I think she has more from other ladies but I haven't heard that count yet. She told me she would need 30 in January for the second troop.

Since I'm talking about hats, I wanted to share that page on the new site. I will try to highlight a section of the site every now and then so you can become familiar with what's on there. The how-to-make-a-basic-hat page is here.

What is a hat anyway? Here are other terms for hat, some mean hat, some are specific types of hats. I'm sure you've heard the terms cap, chapeau, beanie, beret, bonnet, cloche, fedora, fez, skull cap, sombrero, tam, toboggan, Panama, Stetson, boater, bowler, helmet, fedora, skimmer, stove pipe, straw, ten-gallon, slouchie, and topper. Some of those will immediately bring an image to mind. Others you might need to see to know what it is.

I have made a few of these. Here is a beanie type -just a simple dc hat - like the soldier hats.

This slouchie hat was made with sock yarn. It took a while but I was really pleased with the result.

I always thought this looked like a fez though that is not the name of the pattern. The pattern is Sandra Huffines Ribbed Round Hat at Bev's.

Then there are the head coverings which are not actual hats, These would include babushka, cowl, coif, kerchief, mantilla, veil, yashmak (worn by Muslim women), capuche (pointy hood on a cloak), kepi (round hat with a flat top and a visor), shako (sort of a tall kepi heh).

Here's a cowl worn as a head covering.

You can see many of the hats I've made through the years at the Picasa album.

Happy crocheting!

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