Sunday, November 25, 2012

site overhaul response

The newly overhauled Crochet Cabana has been up for a week now and the comments I have received have been positive. I did have a couple people write me who still had old links which no longer work. I was able to help them find the needed information.

The majority of the comments said they liked the new look. A few were specific in what they liked about the changes. Here are a few excerpts from the comments I've received:

"Very clean, easy to navigate, easy to find stuff, and visually appealing... every link went where it was supposed to go...with the new index pages, you can really see how much the site has to offer."

"... fabulously done! ... much easier to navigate ... the pdf's I tried opened right up ... the look is far more professional ... nicely executed."

"Beautiful redesign ... It's a really attractive design on the home page, with clean and clear navigation."

Of course I always love hearing "It looks awesome." and "Job Well Done!"

I particularly loved "May your crochet project be ever "frog-less". Thanks! And I hope all of yours are too!

I'm getting the idea that site navigation has improved. That is a good thing.

Hopefully the response will continue to be positive as people stop by and see the changes. Of course I'll continue to work on the site as well.

Happy crocheting!

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