Wednesday, September 26, 2012

grey scarf

I finished all the squares I was working on for the special afghan. Daughter is edging and assembling them. (Photos later)

In the meantime, I worked on a charity scarf using Jacob's ladder technique. I used an 8, 8, 8 pattern.

Finished scarf is 6 1/2" x 62". The yarn used was Annie's Choice stormy. It's a decent yarn, though I had to cut out several knots. It's not my favorite by any means. This grey was worse than the other AC yarns I've used as far as bad sections. It seems somehow I always get the bad skeins, eh? Think they know they're coming to me?

In any case, the scarf turned out nice and I am pleased with the final result. I think it will keep someone warm.

I worked two rounds of sc to finish it off. There was a small ball left of the skein so it took close to 7 ounces using an I hook for the body and an H for the edging.

That's it. I have some grey in a different yarn and thought I'd make a hat out of that to go with the scarf.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Sandie my dear we share that wonderful honor of picking out the mutt yarn in the bunch ;o). If it isn't the color going from blue to orange it is pull the skein and 1/2 comes out in a tangled mess ! ;0)