Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DW Scarf and squares

I apologize for the length of my absence, but I have not been idle.

First there was Isaac. Then after getting things back to normal from that, daughter and I resumed work on the web site which entailed making, editing, uploading, and annotating more videos. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you've seen them already. It is an interesting journey.

I wanted to show you my very special, most favorite and treasured scarf. This one is KNITTED and even more than that, it was knitted by my sweet daughter. I love it and will treasure it always. It's about 7 1/4" wide. I haven't actually measured the length yet. I'll add it here when I do. [It comes out a different measurement each time I measure it LOL. I will say it is around 92"]

The scarf above is a season 12.5 scarf which means I now have seasons 12, 12.5, 13 (just needs ends sewn), 14, and 18. I need to find an appropriate blue for the season 15 which I intend to be my next effort.

The knitted scarf has more drape and is not as heavy as the crocheted ones. I do love my crocheted ones, but this is definitely my favorite.

The colors used were chosen by me.
Purple - Vanna's Choice Burgundy
Camel - I Love This Yarn light taupe
Mustard - Bernat Gypsy Gold
Rust - I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta
Grey -Vanna's Choice Taupe    
Brownish green - Bernat Waverly Bark 
Bronze - Vanna's Choice Toffee 

Besides all that, I've been working on squares for a special afghan which is to be a gift.

That's all for now. 

If you were in the path of Isaac, I hope you did okay and have no significant damage to property or self. We have repairs to make on our fence and shed, but otherwise are back to normal.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I really like the knit version. Tell your daughter it looks great! A lot of knitters will only do a lace pattern for scarves to hide the inconsistancy of their stitches, which really shows up on the edges of something like this. She's obviously an accomplished knitter.

    1. She is an excellent knitter (self-taught) AND also an excellent crocheter. *proud mom* :-)

    2. I hit send too fast. Thank you, Kristina! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  2. Very beautiful..she's a great knitter and what a remarkable treasure for you...