Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have finished the one-of-a-kind name afghan I've been working on for some time now. Using Paint Shop Pro, I deleted the actual names to protect privacy  (and also the mess on our nightstands LOL) but wanted to at least give you a glimpse of the afghan I've been talking about.

Here is the full afghan. Finished size is approx 56" x 89". I made 2 of each name which made it quite long. Because of that I had to get the width in line with the length. The names are in the center in blues and pinks.

The squares on either side spell out the family surname. Then there is a plain outer strip in two of the colors used within the afghan. There is more blue because there are more guys in the family. LOL The daughter's favorite color is pink so I used pink for the gals and blue for the guys.

Here is one of the names just so you can see how they are worked. Each name is the same width and height, as was each single letter on the side blocks. That took a little figuring and finagling, but worked out okay in the end. I enjoyed the challenge! 

The names themselves were different lengths, the shortest being 3 and the longest being 6 letters. There are different ways I could have handled that, but I decided to put one space between the letters of the longer name rather than two. Should you decide to do a name afghan, you can do that or you could make all the names wider to get in line with the longest one. 

The yarns used were I Love This Yarn Turquoise, Red Heart Super Saver Aruba Sea, Vanna's Choice pink, Bernat Giggles Tickled Pink (my favorite), Red Heart Super Saver Petal Pink, Vanna's Choice Baby Pink Poodle.

Guess I should make a name afghan for my family now, huh? I did learn a lot as I always do when I make an afghan. I wish I could make each afghan twice, incorporating what I learned the first go round in the second. I suppose then I would learn more with the second and need to make a third. LOL Well, they say the Amish incorporate a mistake in their work purposely. I don't recall if there were any actual mistakes left in the afghan, but I know there were a few that I ripped back and fixed.

This afghan, however, is certainly a one-of-a-kind! Think it will be worth a lot when I'm gone?? LOL Whether it is monetarily worth a lot, I hope the family at least enjoys it.

Happy crocheting!