Friday, August 17, 2012

Granny Meets Filet

The other day the bookmobile left two books for me which I thought I'd share with you today.

The first is When Granny Meets Filet: Home and Fashion Designs, Plus 50 Granny Squares and 91 Filet Stitches by Bendy Carter.

I brought this book to bed with me that night and I was itching to get at some yarn and start making some of the squares in this book. It's not just square patterns though. This is a thin book, but it packs a lot in a few pages.

There ARE patterns - 50 granny squares and 91 filet stitches. There is also a scarf, hat, cardigan, pillow, gloves, neck warmer and an afghan all made of squares.

The thing about the patterns that got my attention was the notation that EACH and EVERY granny square  has 15 stitches along each side and has 3 stitches in every corner. That will be very helpful when making squares one hopes to join together. Generally I have to do the counting and such to make sure squares lie flat and join together well. I can't imagine the work it took to get 50 squares to all come out that way.

The designs are great, but wait until you get to the filet section.

Of course you know I've been doing a lot of filet work lately so this section pulled my eyes to it. There are 25 small filet charts and 22 larger filet charts. The small are all the same size and just general designs, just to add character to your piece. The large ones are also all the same size and interesting patterns. Those particularly got my interest.

Then there are half squares and filet rectangles. I've never done a half square so I am interested in that. The rectangles have lacets which I've also not done yet.

Then there is filet fringe. Say what?  Yep. Filet fringe. And lastly filet working in the round. That section has me a little confused, but there is so much else for me to do first, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.

In any case, I can't possibly do everything in there in 2 weeks so I guess I'll have to buy it! LOL

Well, I did run on about this one, didn't I? Well, it's 88 pages of wonder published by Annie's Attic!

I will talk about the other book tomorrow.

Happy crocheting!

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