Monday, August 6, 2012


Sunday was my husband's birthday. To celebrate we went out to eat at a local steakhouse (Texas Roadhouse). Coincidentally, or not, there was a Michael's nearby and you know I couldn't pass that up. :-)

I was pretty good. I went in with the intention of buying black Red Heart Super Saver because I needed some to finish the afghan I'm making. Then I decided I'd better get more of the other colors just in case I changed my mind about how I'm going to do it. :-)

Then of course they had the Crochet Dude new hooks so I had to get one to try.

And I saw the stitch markers that I love so I got another set of those.

I also saw a few things I thought my daughter would like so I picked up some knitting stitch markers similar to these. I also got some point protectors similar to these. And some curved cable needles similar to these but they were lighter in color - possibly by Clover. Yes, she knits, but she also crochets so it's all good. :-)

Daughter's stuff is well, at daughter's house, but I do have a picture of my stuff, so here it is. Don't you love those bright colors? The black is the RHSS and the rest are Vanna. I love all her yarns. There is the Dude hook and my favorite lock ring stitch markers by Clover.

I looked at the Takumi combo needle set but when I saw the price I balked. $170! I found that high, although they are wood which is more expensive than the plastic ones.

Guess that's all!

Happy crocheting!


  1. ahhahahahah you are such an addict..
    can you Stand up and Say I have a problem?
    errr no it's ok we will all feed you when you need it... love you always.

    did I ever send you a crochet dude booklet?

    1. My name is Sandie and I am a yarnaholic. :-) Which Dude booklet, Kathy? I have a couple of his pattern booklets but don't remember you sending me anything - which is not to say it didn't happen! LOL