Saturday, May 19, 2012

right hand/left hand and Who yarn

Well, I did it. I have been crocheting with my non-dominant (left) hand. I even made a video. (Yeah, yeah, that is so that I don't forget how to do it.) You can see it at my YouTube channel here. It is actually quite fun and gives an interesting texture to the work.

Here is what I did over the past couple of days. It was going to be a Nook carrier but I ran out of yarn. I don't know if you can really see the stitch definition well in these pictures, but here they are.



Today, hubby took me to Michael's to use the gift certificate I received from son for Mother's Day. I used the certificate and a coupon and saved a good bit on the whole thing! I still managed to spend quite a lot, but to make excuse much of it was not for me but for my students. :-) I do think I got my money's worth on this trip! Plus daughter, hubby, and I went to eat at Texas Roadhouse afterwards so good shopping and good food. Can't beat that!

I was disapointed in the selection of products at Michaels today. They didn't have several of the things I wanted for the beginner kit I was trying to pull together. 

I also had my paint chips for the Doctor Who scarf with me so daughter and I looked at the yarn they had and tried to match.

Here's what we came up with for a possible Doctor Who scarf.

Remember the original colors from the BBC were simply put:
Purple, Camel, Mustard, Rust, Grey, Greenish brown, Bronze

The paint chips we used were:
Behr S-G-690 Delicious Berry for purple
Behr 260F-4 Sunset Beige for camel
Behr 300B-6 Glorious Gold for mustard
Behr S-G-170 Licorice Stick for rust
Behr 770F-5 Dark Ash for grey
Behr 320F-7 Fig for greenish brown
Glidden GLO31 Spiced Gingerbread for bronze

What I used for the Vanna's Choice scarves. Remember that it is difficult to get true matches in the same yarn.
Burgundy, Beige, Mustard, Brick, Charcoal, Olive, Toffee       

What I bought today was:
Red Heart Soft Grape Color 3729 (purple, may not have enough red in it. Impeccable Burgundy is more red but not very purple)

Impeccable Heather  Color 01010 (not really the right color, but closest we could get) (camel)

Caron One Pound Sunflower Color 0549 (mustard, pretty close)

Impeccable Rouge Color 01531 (Rust)[update: I am finding this a little too much on the pink side]

Impeccable True Grey 01044 (Grey)

Vanna's Choice Rust Color 135 (bronze)

We couldn't find a green that was brown enough and came close to the Fig.

I found it funny that the yarn named "rust" actually fit bronze and the color Rouge fit Rust.

These colors are just what was available and the closest match in the store in which we were shopping. They are by no means any better than what Tara or Gene and Chris have. I will continue to look at different places as I have opportunity.

I might also mention that I did order some of the Annie's Choice yarn. The yarn is fine though there was a big old knot in the first skein I pulled out. I'm not thrilled with the way it's wound. No center pull. But I've just got it so I don't want to be too quick to judge it. I'll post more on it later.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I would be afraid to film myself crocheting lefty because it looks so terrifying lol. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You'll notice you only see my hands! I "appeared" in my last video and at the end of the making a hat video. (Now that's terrifying! LOL) Other than that you only see my hands - which are not that great in themselves but I hope you only watch what I'm doing not what they look like! LOL

  2. Loving the blue, know you do too. You do see the stitches nicely. I can't even hold a hook in my other hand, let alone actually do something useful with it. lol Michaels here in town have cut way way back on what they carry. I rarely go there anymore except when I see they have a sale...sometimes they have a few items.

    Your pouche came in yesterday's mail. Hugs for all your help, much appreciated.

    Popping in from Sandy's Space today. Just about done with my rounds, guess I can't put of getting ready for work much longer....groan.