Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink 12 square ribbonghan

Another cancer ribbon pink afghan but this one is a little different.

This one is all ribbons and includes 12 squares.

Finished size is about 42" x 55" after washing.

I am really getting to like this Caron Natura yarn. :-) I haven't had any problems with it at all.

I used 12 skeins, one skein for each square.  I left a really long tail (about 3x the width of the square) which I used to assembled each square. That still left a good bit of the tail. I did NOT cut that. After I finished assembling the squares into a column, I used one of the leftover balls to work a sc edging around the column. One leftover ball for each column. Then I used what remained of the tails to assemble the strips together after bringing them to the proper point.

For the edging around the entire afghan, I pulled out a bit of Vanna's Choice white and worked a sc, ch 2, sk 2 pattern around. Then I picked up a leftover pink ball and worked (2 dc around each ch-2 loop, ch 1, sk 1 sc). In corners I worked 3 dc with a ch-1 on either side. You might need more stitches in the corner, depending on your tension. I was wishing I'd put 4 actually.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy this yarn again. I was pleased with the way the all ribbon afghan turned out. It doesn't make a large difference in how much yarn you need though the filet ribbon squares use a little less than the solid ones.

I used a J hook for the foundation chain, an I hook for the squares, and for the side edging on each square I used an H hook. For the final edging I used an H hook also.

Happy crocheting!