Friday, May 4, 2012

'nother ribbonghan

I finished the second cancer ribbon afghan. The Caron Natura pink worsted weight yarn washed up beautifully. Very soft. Finished size was I think 41" or 42". I didn't write it down and it's winging its way through the postal system.

With an I hook, I used one 3 oz skein for each square and had a small ball leftover. There are 9 squares as you can see. Each square has a sc edging as in the pattern available at Crochet Cabana. I left a tail 3x the width of the square and used that to assemble squares to one another with a good bit of it left. Then I used the skein leftovers to do an edging around each column. I was able to use what remained of the long tails to assemble the columns, then used more of the skein leftovers to add an edging around the entire afghan. With the leftover balls I was able to make an additional square for another afghan (it took 3 or 4 of the balls - I wasn't paying attention) and still have a few smaller balls left for saltines and such. With that in mind, I'm going to say I could have probably got by with 24 ozs. but there would have been a good bit of tying in new yarn. I am happy with how it turned out doing it this way.

If you wanted to make an afghan with more squares, you could figure it by buying the number of skeins equal to the number of squares.The leftover from each skein would be enough I think for the edging, even of a larger afghan. Of course, paranoid me would buy an extra skein anyway. heh

I can recommend this Caron Natura pink. It is a little stiff to work with though not as stiff as Red Heart in my opinion, but washes up very soft. That said, the Red Heart Soft was soft to work with and washed up well too, but I had to the problem of the little bits of green in my pink so, to me, not worth the chance you'll be wasting money on yarn that can't be used. The RHS also is slightly thinner and works up a little smaller. 

Here are some photos.


Happy crocheting!


  1. Turned out beautifully. I like your theory of a skein a square. Saves running out of yarn, and like you said not having to tie yarn etc. You and I are soooooooooo in synch about avoiding that as much as humanly possible.

    Making rounds today from my newest blog, Flat Stanley and Friends. Wanted to invite you over for a look see. And since you're a Mom etc, thought you might be able to share stories or pictures of a Flat Stanley adventure.

    He needs some help getting started, with visitors, comments, followers, and sharing stories.

    You popped in the otherday, thanks! Mentioned you take Doc sometimes for photo ops. Maybe we need The Doc and Stanley doing something? What ya think?

    1. I printed out a Flat Stanley but I can't find my crayons! LOL