Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doctor Who scarf

I am still working on Doctor Who scarves. Yes, I am obsessed. LOL

I made a thin one before I went on vacation and sewed in the tails while away. This past week I also  purchased some I Love This Yarn, hoping to find a match for all the colors in that yarn, which I do love. :-) More on that in another post.

The original scarf colors from the BBC were listed as Purple, Camel, Mustard, Rust, Grey, Greenish brown, Bronze (my monitor colors are very approximate and I do not attempt to match the original colors)

As I said, I worked on this scarf before I left for vacation, so if I am remembering correctly, the colors which were used in this scarf are:
Red Heart Soft Grape Color 3729 (purple)
Annie's Choice Linen (camel)
Caron One Pound Sunflower Color 0549 (mustard)
Impeccable Rouge Color 01531 (Rust)
Impeccable True Grey 01044 (Grey)
Vanna's Choice Rust Color 135 (bronze)
Annie's Choice Tapestry Green

The Impeccable Heather I bought at Michael's I found too light but the Annie's Choice worked well. The Sunflower is a tinge bright, but I think the right shade even though a pound is certainly too much for one scarf.  Annie's Choice has a goldenrod that I think would also work. This purple may or may not be right. In some photos of the show the purple looks more blue purple and in others more a burgundy, depending on lighting. Hard to know which is right so I think both work okay. The green could probably be a bit browner but if you look at closeups of some episodes it does appear a dark olive greenish leaning towards brown. That's exact, right? LOL

Here is one shot of the purple.

Here is one of the previous scarves I made using the Vanna's Choice only colors, just for comparison. I really think except for the beige being a little light, these colors work well. If one is trying to use the same yarn, however, sacrifices must be made. :-)

Lighting makes a huge difference in how the colors appear. Here is the scarf just finished (like photos 1 and 2), but photographed in different lighting. The colors look lighter plus the grey even looks blue.

That said, the lighting in which I chose the colors from the paint chips certainly could have made a difference.

So what do I think of these colors? Except for the rouge being too pink, I think the other colors work okay.

Here are two shots from the episode Pyramid of Mars. This is a Season 13 scarf but the colors would be the same as Season 14. One appears outdoors and one in the TARDIS. (The scarf is not being worn the same so the colors are not in the same order.) You can see how the change in lighting changes the colors slightly.

Optimally one would find the "right" colors with the same yarn thickness so they work well together. Of course, you can always go to Tara or Gene/Chris' sites and use the recommended yarns. I prefer not to work with wool, which is why I went with Vanna's Choice recommended by Tara. Now I'm checking out the other acrylic yarns recommended at the Doctor Who Scarf site.

I'm not really trying to get the perfect colors because unless one has seen the scarf in the 80s that is impossible. However, those who have seen the original scarves now will have the best idea of color, even if the colors have changed over time. I'm just trying to get what I think might be a pleasing, reasonable  facsimile.

Wish me luck! :-)

Oh and wait until I tackle Season 18! It is totally different.

Happy crocheting!

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