Friday, June 1, 2012

More on DW scarves :-)

I know you are tired of Doctor Who scarves. Unfortunately for you, I am not. LOL So here is what I'm doing. If you're tired of hearing about them, you might want to skip this one. I need to write down the colors and information so I don't lose it all. This is my place for that.

As I noted last time, the original scarf colors from the BBC were listed as Purple, Camel, Mustard, Rust, Grey, Greenish brown, and Bronze.

Now the Doctor Who Scarf site uses different terminology - red, green, gold, tan, brown, purple, and grey.

First thing to do is to translate this into the same terms so I am looking for the same general color and because I am ... shall we say a fanatic, perfectionist or whatever word comes to mind lol Watch it now! LOL I want them in the same order so ...

Purple = Purple

Tan = Camel
Gold = Mustard
Red = Rust 
Grey = Grey
Green = Greenish brown
Brown = Bronze

Or one could go the opposite way.
Purple = Purple
Camel = Tan
Mustard = Gold
Rust = Red
Grey = Grey
Greenish Brown = Green
Bronze = Brown
Since I am interested right now in acrylics only, there are two options given at that site, one for worsted and one for aran.

If you look at Wikipedia it would seem that these two categories mean the same thing. U.S. calls it worsted and UK calls it aran. Lion Brand seems to concur as its description says "CATEGORY 4 MEDIUM: WORSTED-WEIGHT, AFGHAN, ARAN YARN". The Craft Yarn Council also categorizes aran with worsted. However, wisegeek disagrees. That site says aran is slightly thicker than worsted and may also be called heavy worsted. (category 3 yarn is sometimes called light worsted, just fyi). Perhaps the problem is that there is no category 4 1/2. Heh

In any case, Gene has the two weights separate. I agree since in his worsted he includes Red Heart Soft and Bernat Satin which are thinner yarns than I Love This Yarn and Vanna's Choice.

I think we need to back the truck up and either create a 4.5 category or make heavy worsted category 5 and change chunky and super bulky. Who agrees? Like anyone cares what I think. LOL

With all the above in mind, I took a look at what I purchased and what I would need to purchase. The Aran seems to hold more yarns that I have and/or like.

Purple - Vanna's Choice Burgundy. Need it.
Camel - I love This Yarn light taupe. Have it.
Mustard - I Love This Yarn sungold. Have it.
Rust - I have both I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta and Vanna's Choice Brick.
Grey - Vanna's Choice Taupe. Need it.
Greenish brown - Bernat Waverly Bark. Need it.
Bronze - Vanna's Choice Toffee. Need it.

With all the yarn I just bought, can you believe I still need 4 skeins out of 7!!

Now, don't pass out on me but I'm going to look at The Witty Little Knitter's Colors as well.

Again we have to translate. This site is not worked the same way. She gives specific yarn colors for each type of yarn for each scarf. So looking at Vanna's Choice (which I used for my first three scarves and I think makes a lovely scarf)

Burgundy = Purple
Beige = Camel
Mustard = Mustard
Brick = Rust
Charcoal = Grey
Olive = Greenish Brown

Toffee = Bronze

or the other way
Purple =Burgundy
Camel = Beige
Mustard =Mustard
Rust = Brick
Grey = Charcoal
Greenish Brown = Olive
Bronze = Toffee

The problem WLK has is that Vanna's Choice does not make all the yarn colors that closely match the colors needed so she was forced to choose the closest match. The colors work well together, even if they are not an exact match to the original. Of these colors, the Beige is a little light I think and the Olive is too green. But they still work. I think by substituting Annie's Choice that I used for the last scarf for the beige, this could be very close to perfect.

As noted yesterday, the purple in some pictures looks like the blue purple and in others it looks more like burgundy. Since she has seen the scarves in person I'm confident in her color choices more than my TV.

If we look at the Season 18 scarf, it is simpler as there are only three colors. BBC lists these as Terra Cotta, Deep Purple, and Claret.

DWS translation
Terra Cotta =rust
Deep Purple = purple
Claret = wine

One possible yarn suggestion is Lion Brand Jiffy
Terra Cotta = paprika
Deep Purple = grape
Claret = chili

another is Red Heart Soft
Terra Cotta = paprika

Deep Purple = grape
Claret = wine

Terra Cotta = spice
Deep Purple = eggplant
Claret = garnet

So here's my CURRENT plan. I will make at least one more Doctor Who Season 14 scarf using the colors above. Then I will make two Season 18 scarves with the colors above. S18 scarves are about 26' long so that will be a job! Then I'm done. Maybe. :-) Of course, I might consider making one for someone else if they pay for it.

What think you? What? You think I'm nuts? Never mind. I'm going to attempt it anyway unless I get bored with it before then. ROFL

Happy crocheting!


  1. I will never get tired of Doctor Who scarves..

  2. It just makes me and Doctor....does you hubby know how much time you're spending with the Good Doctor? lol

    Visiting today from Sandy's

    1. Yes, he does Sandy. In fact, he took the Doctor with him when he visited Mammoth Caves on our vacation and took pictures for me!