Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Share a Square

20 more squares for Share a Square.

Most of these were made using the same cross-stitch pattern used previously, a variation of my daughter's pattern. I used an H hook for all the squares but various yarns from Red Heart Soft to Super Saver to Vanna's Choice and Bernat. I adjusted the Golden Loop of the last round to get them to proper size. Of course, they all needed a long strand left for assembly. I left 24" on each one.

Here's the Golden Loop video since I get so many questions about it. I did not originate this term. I first learned of it while doing my Master's training. It was in the course work which I believe Jean Leinhauser may have put together. I had previously used this technique, but didn't know it had a name until that time.

Here are all of the squares.

This one was done in the diagonal box stitch - a sample made for some reason or other.

This one is another of the squares from my daughter's pattern pack over at the Etsy shop. In fact, I used the same colors as the photos at the shop.

That's all for today.

Happy crocheting!

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