Wednesday, September 7, 2011

square variety and beginning of Who scarf

What's off my hook now? Yo yos, saltines, two 12" squares ...

Then ON my hook - I decided to make a skinny Doctor Who scarf with the leftover yarn from the previous one. I am once again using Chris Brimelow's pattern and Tara's Vanna's Choice colors. I'm using an I hook. I chained 21. You can see my cheat sheet in the picture too. :-)

I also had a happy surprise today. You might remember that I had more trouble with the Red Heart Soft navy yarn with the same orange bits in it. Well, I did write to them and let them know the problem but did not ask for any more yarn because I didn't want to appear greedy and really, how could they know if I was telling the truth? I was able to pick out most of the orange on the last skein so I got the use of it and though I lost some of the other one, I was able to use some for edgings, so I wasn't too displeased in the long run of it. I was just glad to have them aware of the problem.

Anyway, today UPS dropped off a package with 2 skeins in it. I was quite happy as I am out of the RH soft and couldn't get any more locally. I will be making another scarf soon as I finish with the Who one. So kudos to Coats and Clark customer service for backing up their products.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Awesome, glad you got some yarn, and think that's appropriate. Loving all your red, white, and blue.

    Rounding today from Sandy's Space

  2. Finally, found time to make a few overdue visits. I always love what you are doing. HOpe all is well with you and yours.

  3. All is well here, Ghost. Always glad to see you pop by. Hope you and your family are well also.

  4. Nice to see you, Sandy. I love the red, white and blue too.