Saturday, September 3, 2011

bobble scarves

I was itching to do something different with this scarf. For no particular reason I decided to go puffy. I had in mind the puff stitch, but I ended up with bobble  stitches. LOL

I also decided to line them up as opposed to alternating them.

The first scarf uses 5 bobble rows in each color with a row of dc between. There are four bobbles in each bobble row and 5 bobble rows in each color. It came out 6" x 60 1/2".

For the second scarf, I wanted an edging, but I had to get 6" width for Special Olympics. To accomplish this, I used 3 bobbles across in the blue, then created an edging which used red bobbles. This one came out 6 1/4" x 55".

I would have made this one longer but I was running out of the blue and there was no red or blue at the local Michael's when hubby stopped to check for me.

I have ordered several RHS Really Red and one navy from Knitting Warehouse. I'm afraid of the navy now although I have to say that this skein had only one tiny bit of orange which was much improved over the previous ones. Each Special Olympic scarf has to have both colors so I will probably use the blue as edging or fringe and the bulk of the remaining scarves red.The only problem I had with the red was a couple of "thick" spots. Not a big deal.

I am working on the pattern and hope to have it ready next week.

We are in the midst of Tropical Storm Lee here, but doing fine. Just a lot of rain and a bit of wind.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Crocheting!



  1. An interesting look, did you find it used lots more yarn? Glad you're doing well despite Mother Nature. Hang in there.

    Rounding today from Sandy's Space

  2. I don't really know if it used more yarn or not. I would think it might as you're working several partial stitches in one for the bobble but I really didn't pay attention as I just grab the next bit of yarn I have. LOL I've actually always been bad at keeping track of how much yarn I use. It's bad for pattern designing. heh

  3. Love the choices that you made here. I adore bobbles but I usually do alternative them and I like the effect of how you've lined them up instead. Very nice. And I bet very plush and warm!