Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yo-yo day / share a square delivery

Yesterday was International Yo-Yo Day. They have may have meant the toy yo-yos, but we crocheters take that word a little more seriously. LOL I spent the day working on more videos for the individual tutorials, even though my computer and YouTube got together to make this as difficult as possible. There was a purpose to the madness though as while I waited for the excruciatingly slow process, I made yo-yos. (I don't know if you are supposed to put a dash in there or not, but I do.)

I completed 90 which will be headed to Dawn to make into her beautiful ghans for charity. I also included the saltines I made the other day in this package.

You might recall all the squares I made for Share a Square. I am happy to report that the first bunch of afghans has been delivered right here in my home state of Louisiana to Camp Quality, a summer camp for kids with cancer. You can see photos of the delivery and the details at http://thiseclecticlife.com/2011/06/07/louisiana-afghan-delivery/ . I love photos of all kinds, but seeing these happy kids is surely a blessing and makes one want to continue the good work.

Shelley intends to continue this effort for next summer, but has not begun collecting squares yet. Delivery of the rest of the completed afghans to the remaining two camps will be made during the summer when those camps open.

I have also continued to work on new videos. These have been put on the respective pages at crochetcabana.com  and are, of course, on the YouTube channel as well. I haven't added them to the videos page at CC yet though. My computer was soooo slow yesterday, but today seems to be doing a little better. Last night it told me it would take over 100 minutes to upload a video that was only a few minutes long!

Gotta love the 'net. :-)

Anyway, check them out if you like.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Such a great way to use up those little scraps.

  2. What kind of yarn for Share a Square? Acrylic/no acrylic? Wool/no wool?


  3. The 2010 FAQ is here http://thiseclecticlife.com/share-a-square-2010-faq/
    I don't know if all the details will be the same for 2011 but most likely the yarn content will be.