Wednesday, June 8, 2011

heart square / videos

Yesterday I saw a square over at my friend Ghost's blog called Pink Crush. You can find the original pattern here. I decided I must try this square as I love hearts. :-)

The square was very easy to work, but it ruffled on me as I got further along. Not sure why. It is not so much that I think it would be a problem when assembling. Just doesn't lie flat.

I'm still working on videos so if you know someone who needs a quick tutorial and works better by video, have them pop on by the YouTube channel.

I truly enjoy teaching by video. There is only one thing that is bothersome about it. If I make a mistake and don't catch it on the editing, it is there forever! You know I will never be able to find it again even if I realize it. I am apt to say thread instead of strand or yarn and I realized I mispronounced a word in one of the videos yesterday but could never find it today to fix it. In any case, I hope you will forgive me my errors and enjoy the instruction!

Happy crocheting!


  1. I think it looks great. I did not have that problem with ruffling. Don't know why you did but sorry you did and I still think it came out great.

  2. I don't know. Maybe I was working too tightly. Maybe if I make my dc longer it might help also. I may try it again later as it's really a nice pattern. :-)

  3. I missed this one on Ghost's blog, thanks for posting it. I love it and can see a whole ghan done in this. Must check out the pattern.

    I need to make one I think for my "special friend". Must get the wedding ghan done though too, and am behind putting ghans together for the Bridge and Beyond....