Friday, April 1, 2011

25 things ... links to scarf patterns

I like to visit crochet web sites, especially of those folks who leave comments here on the blog. I happened to visit Crochet Blogger. One of the posts was a list of 25 crochet-related things. Each thing is to be done 25 times. I am not explaining that very well. For example, item 1 is 25 crochet books to read. #2 is 25 different ways to buy yarn, and so forth until you get to #25 which is 25 interviews of people who crochet. So you see 25 of 25. Your list might be different, but it's a good starting point.

I love lists. I guess it is because crossing off things I've done makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Admittedly, it will take a while to accomplish 25 of some of these, but if 25 makes you cringe, make your list 10 or 12 or whatever number you want. Or just do as many of each thing as you can. Whatever you do is something you might not have done otherwise, so it's all good.

Thanks to Crochet Blogger for the idea.

To start off I went through my pictures to see the different types of items I have crocheted in the past. Here is my list (more than 25 I was happy to note):
scarf, afghan, lapghan, baby sweater, doily, square, yo-yo, hat, shawl, butterfly, bib, burp pad, toilet paper roll holder, toilet paper roll cover, lobster fridgie, hooded scarf (scood), cocoon, diaper shirt, nest, doggie sweater, prayer cloth, pet snuggle, burial pocket, crayon holder, Christmas tree wall hanging, pumpkin pin, poncho, lighthouse filet bookmarker, cowl

Then I hit on 25 different ways to crochet the same item. Here's a list of some of the patterns I've used to make scarves. Some are my own patterns, most are free, at least one is a purchased pattern. You can see photos of the scarves I've personally made on the Crochet Cabana scarf pages.

1) hooded scarf -

2) Mile-a-minute Afghans (Leisure Arts and Oxmoor House c1996) Pattern is Restful Rainbow. I made two stripes of the afghan using a smaller number of rows (75)

3) Fibonacci number scarf

4) Knit Your Bit scarves - Cabled Seaman's Scarf
5) Knit Your Bit scarves - Chevron Scarf
6) Knit Your Bit scarves - Lengthwise Striped Scarf
7) Knit Your Bit scarves - V for Victory Scarf
8) Knit Your Bit scarves - Year 1, vertical stripes scarf

9) Boucan scarf (reference Teresa's video)
10) Wordless scarf
11) Wavy Edged Scarf
12) Kate's V Stitch Scarf
13) Cross Stitch Scarf
14) scarf made with Refreshing Throw square
15) Ocean Tide Scarf
16) Shell Scarf
17) FPDC Scarf
18) Bergamot Ripple at Lion Brand
19) Colorwaves Reversible Scarf
20) Jacob's Ladder Scarf (based on Beth Ham's printed instructions. I also have a video demo of how to do this at YouTube.)
21) Window Pane Scarf link in my blog post
22) Heart Scarf using Kim Guzman's heart pattern
23) Pergola (purchased pattern) See my blog post.
24) Simple DC Scarf, Simple SC Scarf
25) Miranda Scarf

Here's another one with the brief instructions, just because it was in there and I wanted to include it. :-)

Skippa Scarf
Very briefly, pattern is
ch 20 (or any even number)
R1: sc across
R2: (sc, ch 1, sk 1) across
R3: ch 2, (dc, ch 1, sk 1) in ch-1 sp across
R4: ch 3, (dc, ch 1, sk 1) in ch-1 sp across
repeat, end on sc across
Edging: 1 round sc, 1 round dc, ch 1, sk 1

That's enough for today I think. :-)

Happy crocheting!


  1. Aw, thanks so much for mentioning this post. I am so glad that it could inspire you!!

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  3. You click "Comments" and then "post your own" as far as I can see, when in Sidebar view on the preview of the new templates. Here on the original blog it is just the same as before. I think that is why they wanted us to preview it. To make comments on how we like it etc. Anyone on blogger can do the same with their blog I think.

  4. I am wrong. I tried it on yours and it didn't work. Here is the page it directed me to.

  5. I too love to crochet scarves and I also love making lists and crossing things off. Your blog has made me want to start some scarves again but I have so many wants on my crochet list that it is not funny. I remove one item and add five or six. I think I am in trouble here. I don't think I have enough lifetime left. Ouch!!