Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas ghans

My daughter made all her Christmas gifts this year. She did such a wonderful job on all of these, I thought I'd highlight her work now that Christmas is over and gifts have been given. They are pictured below with captions below them.

I've already shown my Doctor Who scarf, ornament and also the hook holders SIL made, but here they are again because I love them so much! :-)

DR WHO scarf

TARDIS ornament and hook holder for large hooks - already have two for my normal sized hooks
35 squares

30 Bobby's Square, laid on Queen size bed

39 hexagons, ruffled edging
Daughter designed her own beautiful color scheme and layout. I know #2 is Bobby's Square, but can't remember if she used a pattern for the other two or not.

Happy crocheting!

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