Monday, January 10, 2011

Heart for the Olympics

Another Special Olympics Louisiana scarf finished. They need a lot more scarves, so if you've of that mind, please do get your hooks and needles to work and send them off.

For this scarf I used Kim Guzman's Heart Sampler Square. I used a smaller foundation chain (21) to make sure it was 6". I put one heart in each color at the beginning and end. The center part is straight dc. At the end I reversed the heart so when the scarf is hanging down it will show in the same direction.

This is not a difficult pattern, but I kept messing up. I guess my brain or my fingers were too cold to concentrate fully. For example, as I was finishing the final two hearts I skipped a row on the second to last one, and didn't notice until I was finished the last one. Of course, I'd already woven the ends in so I had to undo the second one, add the missing row, and rework the second heart. My own fault, but still a pain. heh

Finished size is 6" x 57".

Happy crocheting!


  1. I used your idea and made almost the same scarf for Arizona Special Olympics.

  2. Great, Linda! Glad you liked the idea. I'm sure the recipient will love your scarf!