Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Jacob's Ladder Scarf

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas. Before we know it the old year will be done and we'll be starting 2011, writing the wrong dates on our checks again - if anyone still uses checks. LOL

I thought I'd pull together a post about the Jacob's Ladder scarf I'm making. My daughter suggested it and I loved the idea so I jumped on it.

It's not finished. I was thinking of using it for a video, but my camera did not cooperate while I had the chance to work on it. First, my battery died. I put in a new one. Then it said my memory card was full. I set about deleting the previous videos. By that time, I had cooking to do for our Christmas Eve celebration. My son, daughter, and son-in-law were all here.

I did receive crochet related gifts - two new hook holders for displaying my larger hooks, made by my talented son-in-law.

That is a TARDIS ornament in the center made by my talented daughter.  She also made me a beautiful scarf in filet crochet, with the words DR WHO rolling across it. :-)

Maybe later in the week I'll try the video again. The procedure is just the same as the afghan, but I thought I might use this project to demonstrate a few other basic things. We'll see how it goes. What would you all like to see in videos?

Here's what the scarf looks like right now.

Before I could work on the scarf, of course, I had to determine my foundation chain. I wanted to make this for Special Olympics Louisiana, so it had to be 6". I measured the same area on the afghan and it was too wide. I thought if I did 8 dcs on either side, that might do it.

The foundation chain I used was 28, dc in 4th chain from hk, dc in next 6 chains, ch 10, skip 10, 8 dcs. On succeeding rows, work 8 dc, ch 10, skip 10, 8 dc, ch 2, turn. I changed color every 10 rows. On the last 2 rows, I did ch 8 rather than ch 10.

I will work the cable ladder just as I did in the afghan.

Here are some close-up pictures of the scarf before cabling.

first rows, the ch-10 at the bottom is the foundation chain
this is the last section, last two rows have ch-8
Before working the cable, scarf if 7" wide
length is just over 58"
Remember to start making your cables on the right side. How do you know what is the right side? The beginning tail will be on your left. That is not always the case as some patterns use stitches which appear on the opposite side of the working side. But in general, that is a good test. Many patterns will tell you which row to mark as the right side.

More to come on this project later.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe!

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