Monday, December 20, 2010

Crimmis Hook

It's here! Jimbo's Front Porch 2010 Crimmis Hook ("Crimmis" coming from Jimbo's son Lance mispronunciation of Christmas as a child). I WON this gorgeous hook which is made from holly, a very smooth,white wood. The Crimmis is a size I (5.5mm) hook. The red light is a REAL Christmas Tree light and is easily removed if you want to take it off. You wouldn't believe how smooth it is. I am excited to get started on a project with this beautiful hook.  It will be a joy to work with, I'm sure.

If you're going to be crocheting tonight, you might want to try working cables. .

Another way of making cables is what I call "faux cables". Basically it's a front post and back post cross stitch. You can see a tutorial on that method at Crochet Cabana .

Then if you have some time to get more deeply in the basic skills and perhaps pursue some specialty stitches you've not had time for before, you can pre-order Kristin Omdahl's new DVD at . Interweave has an article about the dvd here which worked very well as an advertising tool since I hopped right over and ordered it. :-) 

Also, a friend reminded me about this pattern by Peggy Su Besco, which is going on my to-do list. I love the cross-stitch. Can't wait to try it. 

But first I want to make another scarf using this method I saw at Crochet Spot.

But wait, I have two other scarves already in progress, and the Jacob's Ladder afghan. *head spinning*

Maybe I should get off the computer and pick up my hook!

FYI, it was 2 hours from when I started this post to when I posted it. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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  1. That is so beautiful, I was hoping to win it but you're the lucky one! Happy crocheting with that lovely hook.