Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ocean Tide scarf pattern moved

You'll notice the post for the Ocean Tide scarf pattern is gone. I replaced it with the one I put up today. The pattern is exactly the same, but I had mistitled the post. To make it easier to find, I redid the post with the correct name.

Of course, you can always find any patterns posted here in the navigation bar at right under My Patterns. If you have trouble with a link (or pattern instructions) here or at the Cabana, do let me know so I can fix it.

On my hook right now are 12" squares and, of course, scarves.

Yesterday, I was fiddling with the instructions for the Crown of Pineapples pattern at Craftown. Some of the instructions on the site are for antique patterns and they use terms that are unfamiliar without any notations as to how to do them and we often get questions. I am sometimes able to interpret. In this case the pattern said " a 4-joined-tr over next 4 tr of rnd 1 ". I suspected this to be a decrease, but didn't want to rule out another explanation. I worked the first 3 rounds and it seemed to work well using a decrease. Yay! Seems like a nice pattern if you like to work doilies and you are an experienced crocheter. I used worsted yarn to test it, but it calls for #30 thread and a 12 steel hook. Wayyy too tiny for me. It's a complicated pattern, so not for beginners.

I also have some UFOs to complete. I have a Spideyghan which just needs webbing and ends sewn in. The police box just needs ends sewn in. Volunteers?? LOL I have to get in the closet and see what else is in there to complete. I think there's a baby afghan that was begun from a kit. I also know I have some white teddy bear squares which need companion squares in color or else I need to border those with color and make a smaller ghan. I had made six white when I ran out of yarn. Bad planning on my part.

Also continue to make scarves with the Turqua and Blue. I'm coming to really like those colors together. I probably wouldn't have chosen them myself, but I like it.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Happy crocheting!

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