Thursday, October 14, 2010

more scarves

Here are the latest two scarves in my ever growing collection of Turqua and Blue scarves.

The one on the left started out as my pattern Front Post Scarf (bottom of page under the green scarf photo).The photo doesn't show it well, but this is a really pretty scarf, if I do say so myself. The front post stitches really add a little definition to the body of the scarf and the different edging gives it a little more oomph as a decorative piece.

I used a foundation chain of 17 for this one as I'm trying to get these within the size requirement for Special Olympics. I never received an answer as to whether they would take smaller or larger. I do see that the official patterns are various sizes, so I think they do but still, trying to stay within those guidelines as much as I can. I'll decide later about sending those that are not within range.

Anyway, for this scarf I alternated two rows of each color. 100 rows to get about 58".The suggested length is 54 to 60". After I finished the length, I did a round of sc, using 3 sc in corners. I worked down my sides with a hook one size smaller. I used to always have some bulging along the sides, but since I've started doing this I do not have that problem. For the top and bottom, I use the hook I worked those rounds with - the original size hook.

The width was about 5 1/2" I think at that point. I didn't want to do another round of sc so I decided to use one of my standard edgings - (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2). I did this all the way around. The finished size is 6" at valley to valley, and 6 1/2" from point to point. I think if I've worked a dc edging instead of sc and didn't do the box edging, it might have also been 6" width. Just another option to try.

The second scarf looks like squares, eh? It is not. It is very simple. I worked ten rows of shells in each color, per my pattern Shell Scarf (bottom of page) (I'm so good at names. LOL)

It is 6" x 55". There are 5 blocks of each color for a total of 10 blocks. The foundation chain I used was 19, rather than the 22 in the pattern. The size is perfect without edging. See, I even adjust my own patterns. LOL

Here's a link for you today. In my Crochet Me newsletter there was a picture of the Breezy Hat, which was a link to the pattern for purchase. You can find the pattern here. I tried the link to the newsletter online, but it didn't show this hat. It is only in the e-mail.

That's it for today. I need to go make more squares (and probably scarves too).

Happy crocheting!

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  1. The Olympic scarves are looking great Sandie, as usual.