Friday, October 15, 2010

Lapghans for Alzheimer's patients

I may have mentioned the Alzheimer's Study Quilt Project. You can find info on that here . I had asked about crocheted/ knitted items when I first learned of the project and at the time they were unable to accept them. I am pleased to report that I have received an e-mail letting me know that they can now accept lapghans to keep the patients warm as they have treatment or undergo tests. These are not given to the patient, but kept at the facilities.

The size specified for quilts can also be used for lapghans. I suggest at least 36" wide with 40" being optimal, and either square or slightly longer - like 45-50" long. I know a lot of folks like to make 12" squares. 9 squares of that size, joined and then edged around, would make a nice size lapghan.

If you want to do smaller squares, that is also fine. You just need more of them. Or you can make a one-piece lapghan. All good.

Any pattern can be used and any color. They have both male and female patients. The main thing is that it must be washable, so I suggest acrylic. No wool. You wouldn't want to be ill and then suffer an allergic reaction on top of that so let's not take the chance of that here either.

I know there are so many needs out there and not nearly enough crafters to take care of them, but whatever we can do is something. Since these lapghans will stay in the center to be used by patients, the turnover won't be as great. If you can send one that would be super!

The mailing address is at the link above.

You may wonder why I'm interested in this particular project. The reason is simple - the same reason I am interested in projects for cancer patients, and preemies - I have personal experience with this. My Dad and several other relatives suffered with this disease. Alzheimer's is an especially hurtful disease because it takes the person away from you. Not physically, but mentally. In many cases, the personality changes. The memory leaves and the person doesn't recognize even close family members. It's hard to deal with. In a way, I guess it's not as hard on the patient as they can't remember, but for the family, it's very difficult.

So anything we can do to help find a cure is something important. We can't all be scientists and do research, but we can use the skills we have to help. Like bringing comfort to those already afflicted while they help to further the research.

That's it for now. I'll post photos when I'm done with my first lapghan.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog. I got here because of the Lapghans for Alzheimer's patients. You see, my dad had Alzheimer's, too. It was heartbreaking to see him lose his memory and his wonderful personality. It is a horrible disease for the patient and the family.
    This lapghan project is a great idea!
    Jan >^..^<

  2. Hi Sandie, I'd love to help, I will start something tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Jan, my sympathies on the death of your father.
    Scarlet, thanks so much! I put together squares last night at the hospital and hope to finish a ghan today.

  4. so glad that I gave you an idea. I hope it works for you. I hope mine works . I have no idea how to do this. JUst playing it by ear.