Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love's Many Cloths

Before I forget I wanted to talk about Love's Many Cloths. I have been to the site many times and have donated to projects on occasion. I was surprised to see my good friend Millie on there now. I have donated to Millie's cause before, but didn't realize it was part of the Love's Many Cloths, so there ya go. The Internet is such a big place!

You can visit the Facebook page, the web site, the yahoogroup, or the blog.

So what IS Love's Many Cloths? According to the Yahoogroup:
LOVE'S MANY CLOTHS welcomes anyone who enjoys crafting and is willing to give to shelters and other agencies that help people who are less fortunate. We knit, loom, or crochet cloths and many other items as a group and send to these organizations: A hospice and a South Georgia hospital that receives cloths regularly with the close contact of one of our List Moms, Beverly
You'll notice that the web site lists several other efforts with which they regularly share donations, from teddy bears, to baby items, to chemo hats, to winter wear. This is a diverse group and a lot of folks are helped as their hooks keep moving.

As I perused the Facebook page I saw a couple of needs pop up. Toe covers. Now who would ever think of making that? Yet, there's a need. Hacky sacks. The teens at Solomon's Porch enjoy these. Wash cloths, squares, scarves, baby items.

All that is to say that whatever you want to make, someone somewhere has a need of it, so just jump in and create. Perhaps consider making an item as a gift or for yourself, then one for charity. You can even use your leftover yarn from other projects to create charity items, then nothing is wasted. You are helped and others are helped too.

Well, back to my own crocheting. I am making the seaman's cable scarf I designed for Knit Your Bit, using two colors, for Special Olympics. We'll see how that works out.

Happy crocheting!

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