Friday, October 8, 2010

Hospice need, scarf #4, new pattern,

 In the previous post, I put the pattern for the scarf I just finished. I call it the Ocean Tide scarf because it reminded me of the colors of the ocean. I put it in a separate post so if you wanted to do the print option you could do so without getting extra stuff.

I couldn't put the labeled picture where I wanted it. It wouldn't move, but you have it anyway. It is just to show the pattern is Rows 7-14. That is the repeat. You can make more or less patterns if you want to change the size of the scarf.

I made this one 6" x 58" because that is what the Special Olympics has asked for. You can find more patterns at the Coats and Clark Red Heart yarn web site. There are knit and crochet patterns. The sizes vary but those are the official patterns so I guess if your scarves come out a bit more or less that will be okay too.

The yarn used is the Red Heart Super Saver Turqua and Blue. They do play well together, don't they?

I have a second one almost completed in this same pattern. That one came out 7" which is why I made this one. I wanted it 6" wide. The multiple is 3 + 1 so you can make it as wide as you want. You can even make an afghan if you so choose. :-)

In other news, Red Heart had a really cute pattern in the newsletter. Here is a sock monkey with a matching baby hat.

I also saw this interesting granny square, worked in a spiral at Crochet Me. There were some corrections in the comments, but I think they were changed in the pattern as well. I must try this. I have so many "must try" things on my imaginary list. :-)

Another pattern I thought was interesting was this Mosaic scarf at Craft Leftovers.

Then there was this butterfly scarf... and this Vintage Lace Square ...  and this Diamond Stitch Neck Scarf .

I think the deadline has passed for the Feel Good yarn - not sure about that - but here are some patterns if you want to make 7" x 9" rectangles for Warm Up America from your own stash. 

I also wanted to mention this need for lapghans for a Hospice program in Florida. It was passed on to me and I'm passing it on to you. They are completely out of lapghans so this is a pressing need. My family has used our local Hospice program and it is such a blessing to have these caring folks as your support and help during your loved one's final days. Check out the note at Meadowlark's Nest and if you're able to help, holler out to her or to Becky. The mailing address and phone are provided at the blog. The lapghans should be 36x48 inches. No pattern is specified.

I think that's it for now.

Happy crocheting!

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