Monday, September 13, 2010

Knit Your Bit 2010 pattern unveiled

The Knit Your Bit patterns for 2010 are out! I'm very excited about this year's crochet pattern because I designed it. In the knitted pattern, Lauren used a cable. Since making cables in crochet is a little complex, I designed what I call a faux cable. It is a front post triple crossed stitch really. You can find both the knitted patterns and the crocheted pattern at .

I have photos of my completed scarves at the Cabana here .

I also have a tutorial on the method (noted on the pattern)  in the stitches section here.

When you see the pattern you may find it familiar. I posted a photo of a cream colored scarf a few days ago. I used the faux cable portion of the seaman's scarf to make that scarf. I was testing the instructions and just kept on going. LOL

I hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I enjoyed working on it.

I also want to thank Sandy over at the Bridge and Beyond. I won her contest celebrating 200 posts. I will be sure to post a photo when I receive my prize. Thanks, Sandy!

To my surprise I also won a contest at Bev's Charity Challenge. The prize was donated by Kaye. This was the red, white, and blue yo-yo and saltines project. I posted photos of a few of those yo-yos and saltines. They are so much fun to make! Dawn is going to be kept very busy the next few weeks!

Thanks to all who participated in these contests. I know we all do what we can and work hard to help those in need. The contests are fun and encouraging and we end up doing more than we even thought we could! So kudos and thanks.

Happy crocheting!

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