Friday, September 17, 2010

International Crochet Day

Sunday, September 12 was International Crochet Day. I was on vacation in Florida at that time, but never let it be said that stopped me from celebrating! Here are some photos of me crocheting in some unusual places. :-)

The Jungles of Jurassic Park
In Dr. Seuss land...
With a dinosaur looking over my shoulder
In Hogsmeade right outside the post office
still in Hogsmeade, closeup so you can see I'm crocheting a hat. :-)
In addition to that hat, which I never did finish, I did finish some squares and strips which will be scarves, on the ride. We were in the car I guess about 24 hours total. I ran out of the Red Heart Soft I was using to border the two strips. :-( Of course, I also forgot to leave long strands for joining on some of the squares as well, but most have it. Those are for Share a Square. One of the camps is in Louisiana, which is the state in which I live.

That's about it for today. Hope you all enjoyed International Crochet Day as well.

Happy crocheting!


  1. you on the train....darling.
    zap me your ady, you'll never guess what I did....errr

  2. Gosh! I wish I knew you were in Florida! I would have come and crocheted with you somewhere!