Friday, May 21, 2010

Star Stitch

Just to let you know in case folks are following who are not commenting. I'm going to change my mind about the "when" of posting new squares. One square a week may work sometimes, but other times I may need less time to complete a square, depending on if I am just making a square or if I'm making a scarf.

Today I am starting what I think will be a square. LOL It is the Star Stitch on p. 131 in the photo guide book. However, if you don't have the book it's not a problem because I am actually referencing a couple of online sites to work this.

The first is Teresa's video demonstrating a square worked in two colors. She also uses a hdc rather than sc as in the book. I actually like this better even though hdc is not my favorite stitch. I also like that she says at the onset it will be a 6" square and it looks like that is what I will end up with using a chain of 24 and an H hook. also has a tutorial with photos. She uses a slight variation from what Teresa does if I am getting it right. Teresa appears to go into the previous star in three places and Sandi Marshall goes into two. This will affect your starting chain so you have to decide which way you're going to do it. I am using Teresa's method.

There is also another video I looked at which begins with a row of sc and also shows the ch-3 as a turn rather than as new yarn joined, which  might be helpful if you're making a square with one color - as I am doing. She uses Teresa's method of going into the previous star twice. I might mention that if you use that method - which I am also doing - you need to pull that final loop up a bit so it's not too tight for you to insert your hook into.

I'm still working on this square myself so I will post photos when I'm done. I am using Vanna's Choice Dusty Blue for my square or whatever it ends up being. LOL

I've marked several squares in the book that I intend to work, most of what I think will be challenging, like cables, for example. I have found I couldn't work the star stitch while watching TV. heh It requires concentration to work the first couple rows and I think these others will be the same.

Happy crocheting!

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