Monday, June 12, 2017

Anniversary hooks

I have been checking out possibilities for the anniversary hooks. I personally now have three hooks engraved with the name and dates. I love them all! I thought I'd just give all the information for the hooks I purchased and anyone who is interested can order one for herself. If you let me know you will be ordering and what size and design you are interested in, I can let the seller know to expect an order - though this is not a requirement. If you give them the needed info, I am sure they will be able to accommodate you.

Below is the pertinent information. They are all from Etsy sellers. They were all lovely to work with.

You can choose the hook size you prefer as well as Bates or Boye style.

Polymerclayshed  $16.99 + $3.55 shipping = 20.54 Do a custom listing of the Crochet Cabana lighthouse/dolphin hook with engraving Crochet Cabana 1997-2017 . The hook size is on the top of the handle. This is an H. The handle is quite smooth. The print is hand painted on.

Engraving for You (blue hook with bamboo handle) $12 + $3 shipping.
Ask for engraving of Crochet Cabana 1997-2017
You can see the hook size on the aluminum section. This one is an H.

Unraveled Ewe $25 hook + $5 imprint + $8 shipping = $38
The hook size is on the top of the hook. This one is an I. Very smooth. Fits well in the hand.
Engraving Crochet Cabana, 1997-2017

For this listing you have to not only choose the hook but you must also choose the $5 personalized laser inscription to get the engraving of Crochet Cabanqa 1997-2017.

If you are uncertain what to do, just holler out to me at . I will do my best to help.

Happy crocheting!

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