Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Here's the little doll afghan. I call it a number dollghan. :-) 

Here's the process for making a ghan such as this.
1) design pattern for numbers (already had this done)
2) choose yarns (leftovers from the alphabet afghan)
3) figure out what color to use for each number (write it down, you'll forget)
4) make squares (well, rectangles) using number chart, with a sc edging around each in same color, I used (2 sc, hdc, 2 sc) in corners for this one
5) sew in tails on squares now if you want to
6) choose color for edging around each square
7) edge each square with edging color (RHSS buff/beige in this case) using dc cross-stitch, leaving long strand for assembly
8) assemble squares in correct order in columns or rows (I chose columns)
9) edge each colum with single crochet, using whatever stitches needed to straighten at joins (I generally used hdc or dc)
10) assemble columns together using long strands
11) edge entire afghan in buff in single crochet
12) additional round of edging in peach (you can do as many rounds as you like using colors from the squares)
13) properly sew in any tails dangling
14) launder and snip any tails that poked out
15) gift to a sweet little girl

I think I got all the steps in there. heh

Particulars for this afghan...
Yarn is the leftover DIYarn by Lion Brand. I used peach (3), aqua (2), sky (3), and teal (1). Each Lion Brand DIYarn skein is acrylic, 1.05 oz (30g) and 65 yards (60m). It is #4 worsted weight and made in Turkey.

I used an I hook for the square bodies and an H hook for the edgings.

Each square is about 6" x 7" before edging.

Finished sizeof afghan is 24" x 26". It actually came out a bit larger than I was expecting. This would be a good size for a small receiving blanket. I guess a doll is baby sized so that works. :-)

Next up, I think I've decided to leave the purple heart afghan at its present size so will edge the entire thing and sew in all the tails.

When that is done, I will most likely start the temperature afghan.

Happy crocheting!

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