Monday, January 16, 2017

heart afghan

I am back to the purple heart squares afghan. 

The square pattern is the nursery hearts pattern by Leisure Arts. It's a very popular pattern and one I've used many times. You can currently purchase it at Leisure Arts web site for $5.99 as a digital download. I decided to put half the squares right side up and the other half facing down so it can be turned either way.
I am using Baby Bee Sweet Delights Sugarplum (purple) and BBSD Charming. It's a #3 light weight yarn so I'm using a G hook.  

I've edged 24 squares in green - 12 sugarplum and 12 charming - and assembled them. I have begun sewing in the tails which are cleverly hidden in the picture. :-) I left long tails on the green edging for assembly. That was tricky because I had to make sure the tail came out in the right place since half of them were to be assembled upside down. I succeeded in most cases.

The present size is about 34" x 48". 

Now here's the dilemma. I have 5 more squares made, ready to be edged and I have the yarn to do that and an edging around the entire afghan. That would make it approximately 42" x 48", more squarish. However, I don't have any more Sugarplum so I'd have to wait to get more of that if the local Hobby Lobby has some. On the other hand the size it is now is not a bad size for a crib afghan.

What to do oh what to do.

Well, I'll do what I always do. Put it aside until I decide and work on something else.

The something else will be a small doll blanket to go with the alphabet afghan. It will be the numbers 1-9. Problem there is that I don't have any more pumpkin and very little teal. I have plenty of peach and enough of the aqua and sky to make squares so it depends on how it goes. I may not put all the colors in the dollyghan.

I also now have the yarn (except for freesia - I will probably substitute another color since there are only a few rows of that) for the temperature afghan. That will be started soon.

As some may have heard, we've had an unexpected death in the family (in-laws). Prayers appreciated for the family.

Happy crocheting!

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