Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I was looking over my videos at YouTube today and made a reference list of them. I thought I'd share the list with you all so here it is. The numbers are how many videos in that topic. I took out the words "how to" so the more descriptive word would be listed.

adjustable ring - magic ring
alternative to the slip knot
back cross stitch
back popcorn stitch
back post double crochet (bpdc)
berry stitch
blueberries square
bobble stitch
bullion block stitch
Continuous join as you go (4)
crochet on the double (5)
cross stitch square
change yarn color in every stitch
crochet basics ((3)
cross stitch on afghan stitch
Diagonal Box stitch
Difference between puff, bobble and cluster
double crochet
double crochet decrease
double crochet increase
double crochet increase and decrease
double yo yo
filet cancer ribbon (6)
filet crochet
Filet crochet - fleur de lis
Filet crochet vertical 2012
finding the next chain
foundation single crochet
front cross stitch
front popcorn stitch
front post double crochet (fpdc)
front post triple crochet cross stitch (faux cable)
golden loop – gauge
Granny's daughter
half double crochet
herringbone half double crochet
hooks, yarn and other supplies for crocheting
into the turning chain
invisible finish off
Jacob's Ladder (2) (afghan)
Jacob's Ladder scarf (2)
Jeff's Sampler (5)
join new color / changing color
joining squares with a reverse sc
joining squares with a sc
joining squares with a slip stitch
joining squares with a whipstitch
joining squares with sc, ch 3
Lil's Knot
linked triple crochet
long double crochet
long single crochet (spike stitch)
Making a ring using chain stitches
measure a square or rectangle
More crochet basics (4)
parts of a chain in the foundation chain
picot stitch
plastic canvas bookmarkers
puff stitch
pull yarn through many loops on hook
rectangle granny (5)
reverse single crochet
Reversible granny square
Ripple (2)
ruffled scarf (2)
saltines - 2 round granny squares
sc2tog, dc2tog – decrease
simple fringe
Simple Hat (3)
single crochet
single crochet left handed
slip knot
slip stitch
spider stitch
spider stitch scarf
straight box stitch
surface crochet
swatch samples with different hooks
triangle (2)
triple yo yos
triple crochet (treble crochet)
triple crochet decrease
triple crochet increase
triple ripple
tunisian crochet (2)
turn your work
V stitch
work between stitches
work into a space
working along opposite end of the foundation chain
working in the round
working into a ring and how to make a ring
working into the same stitch, an increase
X stitch
Y stitch
yo yo

Happy crocheting!

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