Thursday, August 18, 2016

FAQ - Part 1

Doing a little housecleaning and was going through my FAQ. I can't actually make changes to the web site right now because I got a new computer and my old program doesn't work on it. The company has told me they no longer support that edition so still figuring that out. (I still have it on my old computer hard drive.)

Anyway, I thought I'd just post the FAQ and maybe you'll find something new and interesting. Some of it is specific to me and some is just general information, but all are my own opinions.

©2016 Sandra Petit
Do you do link exchanges? Yes and no. I ignore all those e-mails I receive that say "I put a link to your site on my site and I will be waiting for you to link to me." or "I linked to you. You have xx amount of time before your link is removed." Go for it. Link to my site if you find it useful. If I find your site useful, I’ll link to you too.
Why didn’t you answer my e-mail? You say you answer all e-mails. Well, I wrote you once and you didn’t answer! I do answer every e-mail I receive, even if it is to say I can’t help you. Sometimes e-mail goes into my spam box and I don’t see it. I get hundreds of spam items in each of my half dozen accounts so I rarely go through it unless I’m expecting something. Other times I do answer an e-mail and the e-mail I send out is returned to me as undeliverable. I usually will try once more, but then I give up. I don’t have time to keep trying to answer the same message over and over again. Also, sometimes a person will send me a message through a form, but not include their e-mail. I certainly understand the precaution of not handing out your e-mail address to just anyone, but I can’t provide an answer if I don’t have your e-mail.
If you don’t get an answer to your question within a few days, try again. I answer my mail daily unless bad weather or bad health prohibits me using the computer. Oh, and if you reply to my reply, please include the text of my answer as I get a lot of mail, and I don’t always remember your exact situation.
Can I send you something I’ve made so you can tell me what I did wrong? No. Your best option for help with a pattern is the designer or publisher of that particular pattern.
I can’t find this pattern. Can you help me? I’m sorry, but no. Unless it is a pattern I am interested in myself, I will just tell you to do a web search, which is what I would have to do myself. My search engine of preference is Google. I might also suggest you put a message on a message board or join a crochet list. When more eyes are looking, the chance of finding what you’re looking for is better.
I am trying to work a pattern and am having trouble. Can you help me to figure it out? Your best option for help with a pattern is the designer or publisher of that particular pattern. If that is not possible, I am very happy to help when the problem is one I can solve without actually working the pattern. I cannot make the items you are making in order to help you and sometimes it’s hard to tell the problem without doing so. I cannot take you row by row through your project though I’d love to do that if I had the time. If I can help, I will. If I can’t, then I’ll make a suggestion as to where you can find the answer – which is almost always the designer or publisher.
Can I send you a pattern, so you can re-write it for me in plain English? No.
Do you take donated yarn? Thank you for the thought, but no. I no longer take donated yarn.

Happy crocheting!

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