Sunday, July 19, 2015

pretty cloths

I have been wanting to use the filet patterns in the back of the book When Granny Meets Filet by Bendy Carter. I was looking at the Knit Picks Comfy Sport cottons I still have from the mandalas and decided those would make wonderful soft wash cloths, so I set to work.

As I said, these are all made with Knit Picks Comfy Sport cotton yarn. The yellow is Creme Brulee, pink is Flamingo, reddish purple is I think Lady Slipper, and the blue purple is Lilac Mist.

I have actually made one more since I took this picture, but I'll show that one in the next round.

These are worked with a G hook. They come out to be about 7 1/2" x 8". I hope to make one in each pattern though probably won't have enough of this yarn for that. I have other cotton I can use.

I really enjoy working filet though the pattern is not as evident without a solid background on which to display it. It's just enough of a challenge yet I am still able to work it while watching TV.

Hope you all are enjoying your crochet creations.

Happy crocheting!

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