Friday, July 24, 2015

even more cloths

I continue to make dish/wash cloths from When Granny Meets Filet by Bendy Carter. The patterns are in the back of the book as noted previously. I count the "x" as open, so I chain 37 rather than 38 and go into the 4th chain from hook to make my first row solid.

In this first picture the top two cloths are made with the same Knit Picks Comfy Sport cotton yarn as the previous ones.

The pink is Flamingo. The yellow is Creme Brulee.

The cream colored one below those is made with worsted I Love This Cotton Ivory. That one is about 9".

The next two were made with leftover yarns. I ran out before I could add the edging. I don't know what the top variegated cream is. The bottom one is the last of the Knit Picks Comfy Sport Cotton in Lady Slipper.

I also made myself a koozie. I have been drinking cold water more lately and this does a nice job of keeping my hands dry and warm. These don't take much yarn and are quick to make. For a standard water bottle I just work two rounds (12, 24). Then work even to heught. I worked an additional 9 rounds for this one for a total of 11. I used Red Heart With Love Berry Red worsted yarn and an H or I hook. I can't remember which.

That's all for today. I sprained my wrist AGAIN and will have to forego crocheting for a bit while it heals. 

Happy crocheting!

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