Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Who scarves

I was asked how many Doctor Who scarves I have made. Well, I didn't have an answer  unless you count "a lot". LOL So I decided to try and get a count. 

I have a Weebly site called Gallifreyan Crochetin' which concentrates on Doctor Who stuff, particularly the scarves. I counted off what I had on there and this is what I came up with. I know that there are some I've made for family and some sold, but I think there should be pics of them there too.

5 Season 12 scarves, 2 Season 13 scarves, 6 Season 14 scarves (though one was super reduced), 1 Season 16/17, 2 Season 18 (though one was reduced), and 1 SHADA for a total of 17 scarves.

S12 DK (fringed) approx 11' 6 1/2" 138 1/2" (11.5')
S12 DK (fringed) approx 11' 6 1/2" 138 1/2" (11.5')
S12 DC DK (fringed) 10" x 146" (12' 2")
S12 DK (fringed) 8" x 156" (13')
S12 (without fringe) worsted 7" x 134" (11' 2")
S13 (fringed) worsted 6" x 98" (8' 2")
S13 (without fringe) worsted 7 1/2" x 95" (7' 11")
S14 DC DK (fringed) 8 1/2" x 114" (9.5')
S14 (without fringe) worsted 10 1/2" x 106" (8' 10")
S14 (without fringe) worsted 10 1/2" x 83" (6' 11")
S14 (without fringe) worsted 6" x 111" (9' 3")
S14 (without fringe) worsted 6" x 109" (9' 1")
super reduced DK S14 (without fringe) 3" x 52" (4' 4")
S16-17 DK (without fringe) 8" x 216" (18')
S18 (without fringe) worsted (Red Heart Soft) 7" x 169" (14' 1")
S18 shortened Lion Brand Suede 10" x 72" (6')
SHADA (without fringe) worsted 9" x  228" (19') 

You will notice that scarves from the same season are not the same size except for the 2 I made at the same time. Part of this is because of my own tension when I work. Part is the yarn and hook used. Part is the pattern I used at the time. Part might even be the length of the fringe on the scarf.

Why make more scarves once I've got one? Well, mostly because I am a crazy person, and in good company with bunches of other crazy people doing the same thing! LOL Also, as time goes, more screen accurate colors are found and, of course, I have to make another one. sometimes yarn manufacturers discontinue yarns. On occasion someone is able to view the actual scarf and comes back with additional info.

Of course, MY scarves can never be screen accurate because they are crocheted and the original was knitted. But they are as close in color as I can get. I also make mine thinner than the originals because this is Louisiana and I wear them sometimes.

I used to never put fringe on my scarves because I don't personally like fringe and if you wash it, they get all funny looking. But you know, everyone else adds it so I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the crowd and have started adding it. I have not gone back and added any to the first ones I made because the yarn wouldn't match.

With all the experience of making multiple scarves, I now have my favorite colors (which will probably change over time as some are discontinued by manufacturers or new colors come to light). I also have my own crochet patterns, based on patterns at doctorwhoscarf.com and adapted for crochet with permission.

I know you are itching to know what those are. I have to first say that the yarns I most like is purchased overseas from a UK company called Deramores. There are some pretty good alternate matches slowly coming to light, most notably Knit Picks Brava Sport yarns. I find the Knit Picks just slightly thicker than the Stylecraft so I try to use mostly one or the other if I have those yarns in a good color.

Here are the yarns listed at doctorwhoscarf.com that I like with an alternate listed for if the first isn't available.
Purple - Knit Picks Brava Sport Currant, alternate Stylecraft Special DK BurgundyCamel -  Knit Picks Brava Sport Almond, alternate Stylecraft Special DK CamelMustard - Stylecraft Special DK Gold, Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK PumpkinRust - Knit Picks Brava Sport Paprika, alternate Stylecraft Special DK CopperGrey - Stylecraft Special DK Graphite,
        (I have used Knit Picks Brave Sport Cobblestone Heather when I didn't have the graphite but it's a little thicker and just slightly lighter because of the heathering)Greenish Brown - Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK Moss Green, alternate Stylecraft Special DK KhakiBronze -  Knit Picks Brava Sport Brindle, alternate King Cole Big Value DK Taupe.

The color I struggle with most is purple. Some use the burgundy reddish purple and others use the blue or violet purple. I find the reddish purple goes best with the other colors. If you look at pictures from the show the color changes depending on lighting, something looking more blue and sometimes more red. Hardest to find has been a good mustard.

I have still not made a Season 15 of the original scarves. I also haven't made an Osgood scarf nor any of the other character scarves, like the Rose Tyler one, the Romana scarf (when both the Doctor and Romana wore scarves), and the Hartnell scarf and whatever other ones have come up in the Stitches group at Facebook. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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