Thursday, April 30, 2015

more hats

I picked up some Bernat Baby Blanket yarn the other day and decided to make hats out of it. I know it's not the normal yarn for hats, particularly this colorway (Pitter Patter), but it is very soft and I thought it might be a nice, comfy covering for the head. The yarn comes in several nice colors, but the store I was at did not have any solid colors, only a few of the variegated ones.

One hat is quite small, fitting me snugly. The other is just slightly larger and fit me perfectly. Both are for small heads. There is not a lot of give once it's made up.

For the larger hat I used an L hook and the rounds are 12, 24, 36, 48, then work even. It's a little funny because the yarn label suggested a K hook. That is what I used for the first hat. It is not the yarn nor hook's fault that it was snug. I could have done an additional round. But I found it worked up too tightly with the K and went larger for the second one. I had a few yards (maybe 7 or 8) left from the skein.

For the yarn I used the other day, I found the hook suggested was too large and went down several hook sizes. I think it was from a J to a G.

So when you crochet, the hook you choose to use does not have to be the suggested hook. It depends on many things - your tension, what you want your finished work to look like, how tight a weave you want, how stiff your project needs to be for its purpose... and so on. Play with it.

The other day, hubby picked up some Bernat Softee Baby yarn in pink and I was able to make 3 hats from the skein with a little leftover. I just played with the patterns with no particular design in mind when I started out.

The first hat is 12 stitches, then 24, 36, 48, 48, 60, 60, (72 x 6), round of (dc, dc, fpdc), round of (sc, sc, fphdc), dc, dc, sc  (18 total rounds). This one fit me best.

The next one is 12, 24, 36, 48, 48. 60. 60. 72, 72, 84 x 5,5 rounds of sc, one round of (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2). This one fit me, but loosely.

The next one is 12, 24, 36, 48, 48. 60. 60. 72, 72, 84 x 6, round of (dc, dc, fpdc), round of (sc, sc, fphdc), round of sc. This one also fit me, but loosely.

I used a G hook to make all the hats.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Right you are, the size they mention on the label is a suggestion. Such a pretty pink, like the cute edge on the 2nd hat.

    Sandy's Space

  2. Popping round to let everyone know there's a contest!

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond