Saturday, February 1, 2014

the swatch and the shawls

One of the topics that often comes up when talking about fiber crafts is gauge and swatching. The items I make don't usually require swatching or working to gauge so I generally don't worry about it, but I came across this article which speaks to that issue. It is geared to knitters but applies to all of us. As you can see if you read the article 12 different people worked a swatch from the same pattern, same needle, same yarn and came up with 12 different size squares. Why? It is because the personal tension of each person was well, personal. :-) Each one worked at a different tension, some tight, some tighter, some loose, some looser and some in between. Some might have made taller stitches, some narrow stitches, some wider stitches, some shorter stitches. You see where I'm going with this.

If your project has to fit properly, then you really need to make a swatch and follow through on what you learn from your swatch.

Now back to shawls. I finished two more of the wheelchair shawls. I didn't measure them but having used the same hook and worsted yarn, I figure they're at least approximately the same as the other two (the blue and the grey). Here are some photos. 

The yarn used was Red Heart Super Saver Frosty Green and Frosty Green Fleck. I enjoyed working with the fleck particularly as it was something a little different.

All have been sent off to find new homes.

Happy crocheting!


  1. So very nice and always make such beautiful things...