Monday, January 27, 2014

wrap and hat

I really like this wheelchair pattern, so easy! I just need to figure out exactly how much yarn it takes in "real life". :-) IOW, with my tension and yarns.

Details. I used I Love This Yarn. The color was Greybeard. I had two partial skeins and a full skein. I ran out at the last couple rows but I found a leftover ball from the same skein and was able to finish it. 

I used an I hook. The "hill to hill" measurement was 22". The top to bottom of one section was 18" and the measurement around was approximately 90".

I have already started another one!

I also made a slouchy hat and ran into the same problem. I thought I had enough yarn, but unfortunately, not. There was no label so not sure which yarn this was.

I did finish a hat and it turned out okay but not as "slouchy" as it might have been. It would fit a medium size lady's head. It was a teensy bit large for me but I have a small head. I could have worn it though.

Happy crocheting!

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