Friday, August 16, 2013

soft yarns

I am happily crocheting again and have finished the body of the second Who babyghan. I'm sewing in tails and then will edge both ghans.

I also wanted to let you all know that I've closed up the Crafty Corral blog since I haven't been posting to it. If you go to it the site should say it's private. As I went through the posts I saw that many of the links were outdated and no longer worked, charity information was also outdated and it just didn't seem logical to keep it up with bad information. Should I decide to use it again publicly I will likely delete all the old posts and start fresh, but for now it's closed. If there is anything you used to go there to use, holler out at me and I'll do what I can to help.

As I went through the posts, I ran across one that specified some yarns that were soft enough to be used for babies. It's not a comprehensive list, of course, as there are so many new yarns constantly being introduced. The list can be found at the Preemie Project. I posted it then with permission, so I guess I can repost it here.

* Red Heart Baby (No pompadour, supersaver or sport)
* TLC Baby
* Bernat Softee Baby
* Bernat Baby Coordinates
* Bernat Cottontots
* Bernat Baby Lash
* Bernat Baby
* Bernat Lu LU
* Lion Brand Baby Soft
* Lion Brand Microspun
* Lion Brand CottonEase
* Lion Brand Jamie Baby
* Lion Brand Homespun Baby
* Lion Brand Pound of Love
* Lion Brand Polarspun
* Lion Brand Jiffy
* Caron Simply Soft
* Plymouth Dreambaby
* Wendy Peter Pan
* Knit Picks Shine
* Patons Fairytale
* Sirdar Snuggly

I will have pics soon of the Who babyghans. The pattern will be posted at Crochet Cabana once it's finished.

Happy crocheting!

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