Friday, May 24, 2013


For several years now I've had a partnership with Fran where she makes squares and I assemble them into a scarf and donate them to a charity of her choice.

This time, Fran's friend is having a baby so we worked together on a babyghan. Fran worked really hard to make these squares before her friend's due date. I'm happy to say we've got it done and out, hopefully to arrive in time for the new little blessing.

Note the rug underneath the ghan. It's a rug we got for my son when he was a child. I've pulled it out and put it on the floor in the grandbaby's room (for when I babysit). The kids used to enjoy playing on it and following all the roads with their toy cars.

Getting back to the ghan, the squares are made using the cross-stitch square which can be found under Kate Smith on Crochet Cabana's pattern page. This is my absolute favorite square and I've made hundreds of them. I have a video tutorial of the process at YouTube (made with permission).

Happy crocheting!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I will be trying this one. Expecting my first grandbaby in September, which we are almost certain is a girl. Thank you for sharing! Kim

    1. Hey Kim! Congratulations and welcome to grandmotherhood. It's much fun already and the baby is not born yet. :-) I did find that things have changed a lot since I had my babies. I think of you often. Your lovely squares would work for this also. Your Double Cross square in particular.