Thursday, May 2, 2013

baby whoghan 2

The one piece baby whoghan is now complete as well. It just needed side edgings. I used a (sc, ch 1) on the sides in the burgundy since both ends were worked with burgundy.

Finished size is approximately 24" x 30". I used a G hook, chained 101. I used the same yarn as the other baby whoghan. Most of this yarn comes from UK.

Purple - Stylecraft Special DK Burgundy
Camel - Stylecraft Special DK Camel
Mustard - Stylecraft Special DK Sunshine (a little orangy and bright)
Rust - Stylecraft Special DK Copper
Grey - Stylecraft Special DK Graphite
Greenish brown - Stylecraft Special DK Khaki
Bronze - Knit Picks Brava Sport Umber Heather (this is really too dark but the only one I had in similar weight)

I started off using the counts for the knitted Season 12 inspired baby afghan at Witty Little Knitter, but with thinner yarn, a smaller hook, and had to fudge towards the end as I felt it was getting too long for the width.

I do like this yarn very much. I like the light weight and I haven't had a lot of problems with knots, thick or thin sections and such as I've recently. I went with the Stylecraft Special DK for the yellow color this time even though it was a bit orangy as the Big Value yellow I used for the other one was a bit on the thin side.

When I have gotten my yarn stash down to a manageable level, if that is possible, I might consider ordering more of this yarn for a larger afghan. We'll see what happens.

As always, I think of how I could have done this better. I think I would have been able to work the pattern exactly if I'd chained a larger number. I was thinking maybe 151 which would add about a third of the scarf width. I'll have to see how much yarn I have left. If there's enough I might try it. :-)

Of course, I'm saying exactly, but the pattern is knitted and I'm crocheting so it can't really be EXACT. heh

In the meantime, I'm almost finished a teal scarf.

Happy crocheting!