Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doctor Who baby afghan 1

 One Doctor Who baby afghan... done!

You will remember that this is a complete scarf pattern using the inches knit pattern at doctorwhoscarf.com . However, it is not worked to the inch scale but rather uses the number of inches noted to work 4 rows to each inch. In other words, if the notation was 3" then I worked 12 rows (3 x 4), for 6 inches I'd work 24 rows (6 x 4) but the respective bits would not measure 3" or 6".

I used a G hook and single crochet for all rows. The strips have a sc edging around and are joined with a whipstitch. The outer edging is (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2) all around.

Each strip is 174 rows.

Yarn - 1 skein each though I didn't use the full skeins ...
Purple - Stylecraft Special DK Burgundy
Camel -  Stylecraft Special DK Camel
Mustard - Big Value shade 671 (thinner than rest)
Rust - Stylecraft Special DK Copper
Grey - Stylecraft Special DK Graphite
Greenish Brown - Stylecraft Special DK Khaki
Bronze - Knit Picks Brava sport Sienna (too dark, not enough red) 

To give a bit more explanation ....

The pattern starts with a chain of 35 in the burgundy at the lower left in the picture. I worked to the third camel stripe, but didn't finish that stripe. I ended the first strip a few rows in (5, I think). For the second strip, I had to work backwards. So I began with graphite (bottom center in the picture) and ended with the finish of the camel stripe at the top. That way the camel stripes were next to one another and continued the "scarf" pattern. Then for the last strip I began by finishing the graphite section (lower right) which was at the bottom of my 2nd scarf strip.

It needed a bit of thought. I would have preferred not to edge the strips, but in the end I decided to do it. It breaks up the flow of the strips some, but I think it works okay for the overall look.

Here's the picture of the WIP showing the flow.

The finished size of the strip baby afghan is about 26" x 38". I would have liked it a bit wider. One possibility for another ghan would be to work wider strips, say perhaps a ch 50 or 60.

The one piece Who scarf-afghan is almost complete as well. I am also working on a simple dc scarf for something different.

Happy crocheting!


  1. This is BRILLIANT!!! I love that it's crochet. At first I thought it was Tunisian, but I like that it's DC or it would weight a ton. Good on you!!!!

  2. This is awesome! thank you for sharing!