Monday, January 14, 2013

more dishcloths

I have made a couple more dishcloths to make an even dozen for this first send off.

The first is really an oopsie. I meant to do a checkered pattern, but my mind wasn't on what I was doing and I ended up working 4 stitches of pink and then 4 of white and so on. I shortly realized what I was doing, but I liked it so I continued. :-) The green, yellow, and blue variegated is plain dc. Then the last photo is a shot of the dozen made.


Finished with that, I picked up the filet Dalek and made one of those using Knit Pick Comfy Whisker pima cotton/acrylic worsted. He is 8 1/4" x 11".

I see Dalek amigurumi all the time, but not being one to do amigurumi I am thinking I'd like to try this with perhaps puff or bobbles. We'll see if I get up the courage/desire to do that.

I also got a new Hook & Needle Club kit in but haven't had time to look at it yet.

Happy crocheting!

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